Kiln Girth Gear

Application: Cement/Mill and Kilns; Mining and Minerals/Rotary Dryers; Pulp & Paper/Kilns, Debarking Drums, Drum Pulpers; Chemical/Fertilizer Industry/Food Industry

Material: ZG45、ZG42CrMO、GS34CrMo、DINGS34CrNiMo6、GS34CrMo4 Carbon steel, alloy steel or according to customer's requirements.

Dimensions: Max D12m

MOQ: 1 Set

Price: Competitive price

Whether can be customized: customized

Service: NDT Detection;Design Drawing;1 Year warranty

Whether can be customized: Customized

Brand Name: SYMMEN

Place of origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

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Kiln Girth Gear
Kiln Girth Gear
Kiln Girth Gear
Kiln Girth Gear

Girth gear is a main part of dryer and ball mill machining. It needs to work for very long time to have the whole barrel to rotate. So customer requirements for large ring gear is very high and strict.

Girth gear is a rotary kiln, mill main transmission parts and other equipment, mainly driven by the motor pinion drive, pinion drive mounted on the barrel of a large gear, so that the mill drive, large gear and the barrel cooperation.

Due to the girth gear modulus big, big diameter, the ring gear of our company processed using radiation plate structure, a combination of two half-ring together.

Production Process

. Making mold as per the drawingsx
Making mold as per the Drawings
. Pouring into the moldx
Pouring into the Mold
. Sand Removalx
Sand Removal
. Heat treatmentx
. Rough Machiningx
Rough Machining
. Finish Machiningx
Finish Machining
UT & MT Test
. Package Shippingx
Package & Shipping

Why choose us?

  • Our company in gear for the process, repeatedly crossed arrangement process, can play a role in balancing allowance ministries, ministries to ensure precision and positional accuracy;
  • Our company with advanced equipment and technology, the ring gear can be fully quenching, so that the processing out of the ring gear has good mechanical properties, while maintaining high strength and good ductility and toughness ;
  • Our company has many years of manufacturing large gear history, has accumulated a wealth of experience in long-term manufacturing process, summed up a set of anti-deformation deformation processing program can be a good prevention gear after processing, ensure the smooth transmission equipment, thereby increasing the carrying capacity of the equipment and extend equipment life.

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