Wheel Shaft

Product Name: Wheel Shaft

Application: Crane wheel, Transfer car, Train transport

Material:45, 20, 35, 40Cr, carbon steel and alloy steel, Bearing steel and stainless steel


Max length:14m


MOQ: 1 Ton

Whether can be customized: Customized

Brand Name: SYMMEN

Place of origin: Henan, China(Mainland)

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Wheel shaft, as the name suggests is a "wheel" and "shaft" component system. The system can rotate about a common axis, corresponding to the axis as a fulcrum, the radius of the rod lever system. Therefore, the torsion axle torque can be changed, so as to change the size of torque.

The essence of the wheel shaft is rotating continuously leverage. When using the wheel shaft, the force line on the wheel and shaft are both tangent with the wheel and shaft , so that their arm is the radius corresponding to the wheel and the shaft radius. In daily life, the pulley, winch, stone, the car's steering wheel, wrench, hand winches, tap the twist grip are all wheel shaft machinery.

Production Process

Production Process for wheel shaft

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