Support Rollers

Product Name: Support Roller

Application: Cement/ Mill and Kilns;Mining and Minerals/Rotary Dryers;Pulp & Paper/ Kilns, Debarking Drums, Drum Pulpers;Chemical / Fertilizer Industry / Food Industry

Material: ZG55、ZG42CrMo;Carbon steel, alloy steel or according to customer's requirements.

Hardness: Above 200HB

Dimensions: According to drawings


Price: Competitive price

Whether can be customized: customized

Service: Good after-sale service

Brand Name: SYMMEN

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Support roller mainly used for dryer and ball mill, with tire use. Its size and weight are generally larger. Supporting a large bearing on both sides mounted spherical roller bearings can carry very much weight. Roller generally cast, made of alloy steel.

The support roller device under the equipment part of the ball mill is the main weight; barrel, lining brick, rolling ring, ring gear, and the cylinder body, rolling ring can rotate smoothly in the roller, so super endurance wheel has become one of the criteria to measure the quality of the products is good.

SYMMEN cast steel advanced casting technology the strength of the production, and can provide customized dryer roller for customers, and the selection of carbon steel, manganese steel excellent abrasion resistance. Our importers very satisfy with our products quality that why they keep importing from us for more than many years.

Production Process

1. Making mold as per the drawings 381x254
Making mold as per the Drawings
2. Pouring into the mold 381x254
Pouring into the Mold
3. Sand Removal 381x254
Sand Removal
4. Heat treatment 381x254
Rough Machining
Finished Product
TEST 1 365x254
UT & MT Test
Package & Shipping

Why choose us?

  • Support roller of dryer and ball mill bearing load, continuous operation good. Our roller manufacturers generally use ZG55, ZG42CrMo and other materials, on the one hand to ensure the quality of the roller on the other hand it also has a bearing load, continuous operation, good benefits.
  • Simple structure, easy maintenance adjustment. The idler wheel rolling bearing, has a simple structure, easy maintenance features.
  • Using normalized and tempered treatment process, high hardness. Manufacturers use in roller casting normalizing, tempering process for processing, the final roller is higher than the outer surface hardness 200HB, greatly guarantee the quality of Rotary Kiln device.
  • The manufacturers of each batch of products in the factory to go through professional testing professionals, steeled every product must meet the national standard after the license factory, along with product certification.

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