Ball Mill End Cover

Product Name : Ball mill end cover

Application: Cement/ Mill and Kilns;Mining and Minerals/Rotary Dryers;Pulp & Paper/ Kilns, Debarking Drums, Drum Pulpers;Chemical / Fertilizer Industry / Food Industry

Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel or according to customer's requirements.

Dimensions: According to drawings

MOQ: 1 Piece

Price: Competitive price

Whether can be customized: customized

Service: Good after-sale service

Brand Name: SYMMEN

Place of origin: Henan, China(Mainland)

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Ball mill is mainly composed of cylinder, feeding end cover and discharging end cover, main bearing, feeding bushing, discharging bushing, power equipment, etc.

Ball mill end cover is one of the key part of ball mill, its structure is relatively complex, long production cycle, high precision of processing and assembling, so when compiling process routes, should fully consider its manufacturability.

Ball mill end cover is slightly conical in general, which is considering the configuration of main bearing. Large and medium-sized ball mill end cover are mostly manufacturing by cast steel, the ductile cast iron is used for the small type ball mill. In order to ensure concentricity of the end cover axis and the cylinder axis, usually the end cover and shaft neck will casting together. But in the case of equipment ability is not enough, also can casting respectively, after processing fastening them together, and then to do mechanical processing.

Production Process

1. Making mold as per the drawings 381x254
Making mold as per the Drawings
2. Pouring into the mold 381x254
Pouring into the Mold
3. Sand Removal 381x254
Sand Removal
4. Heat treatment 381x254
Ball mill end cover 11
Rough Machining
mill headers 1 369x254
Finish Machining
TEST 1 365x254
UT & MT Test
Ball mill end cover 6 352x254
Package & Shipping

Why choose us?

  • Our ball mill end cover use standard wooden models, special core surface coating to prevent cracking, ensure the casting surface is bright and clean level off.
  • Our ball mill end cover use high quality steel scrap raw materials and auxiliary materials, and strict material composition test has be done before the production.
  • Our ball mill end cover do three sampling chemical test with Germany Spectrometer, to ensure that components qualified.
  • Our ball mill end cover use special heat treatment process, to increase the service life and the deformation ability.

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