Pinion Gear

Product Name: Pinion Gear

Application:Mechanical transmission parts

Material:According to customer's requirements.




Machining accuracy: 7

MOQ:1 Pcs

Whether can be customized: Customized

Place of origin: Henan, China(Mainland)

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A pinion is a round gear used in several applications:

The pinion gear range consists of metric pitches from module 1.0 to 40, in various styles including helical, straight (spur), ISO flanged, split-pinion and circular pitch. Quality levels available include soft, induction-hardened and hardened & ground (up to AGMA 12+ and DIN 5).

Process characteristics of Pinion Gear:

Blank-normalizing-roughing- hardening and tempering- gear hobbing/ gear shaping –quenching – end product

Application: low precision

Advantage: insure internal high tenacity, high surface hardness

Material: 45#,40cr,35SiMn,35crmo,42crmo

The material of Pinion gears usually we use alloy steel, carbon steel and so on or according to customer's requirements. And we can accept the standard by ASTM,ASME,API,JIS,DIN,BS,EN,KS,UNI,GOST...

Advantages of Using Small Pinions: When it comes to selecting a pinion for use in a rack & pinion drive system, the pinion diameter has a huge effect on the system, including the gearbox torque, size, ratio, linear backlash, linear stiffness and resonant frequency of the system.

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Production Process

Forged Blank
Forged Blank
Round Steel
Round Steel
Rough Machining 2
Rough Machining
Gear Hobbing 3
Gear Hobbing
Heat treatment
Heat treatment
Finish Machining
Finish Machining
Gear Grinding 1
Gear Grinding
Pinion Gear 11 1
Finished Product
Package Delivery 1
Package& Delivery

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Symmen gears (spur gear, gear shaft, helical gear, bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, worm gear, pinion, gear box, planetary gear) are widely used in the well rig for oil field, High-speed wire finishing mill, marine propeller, coal mining machine, cement mill, railway locomotive, large-scale construction machinery, large scale precision reducer and so on.

SYMMEN manufactures quality gear to any specification. Our wide range of machinery and manufacturing experience, coupled with our dedication to quality, make SYMMEN the right choice for all your gears requirements.

SYMMEN has a great stock of gear blanks, and with our wide ranging supply of materials, pitches, bores, and styles, SYMMEN is committed to meeting all customer needs. We offer modification, specialization, and customization of all gear.

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