Plummer Blocks

Product Name: Plummer Blocks

Specialized In Producing SN / SNL Series Plummer Blocks.
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  • Mine fan
  • New fan and exhaust fan
  • flue gas fan
  • emergency power supply unit flywheel
  • Transmission
  • belt drive
  • impact mill and a hammer mill

Material: Cast iron; Cast steel

Dimensions: According to drawings

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Plummer Blocks

Plummer Blocks are widely used in various kinds of industries and machines such as car wash equipment, construction machinery, fans, HVAC, food processing, metalworking machinery, textile machinery, paper making & paper converting equipment & woodworking machinery.

Plummer Blocks have mounted type bearings available in flanged & upright styles in different inch & metric sizes. Plummer Blocks are designed to support shafts. Features include mounting surfaces parallel to shaft axes & elongated bolt holes in bases or feet of units for adjustment & mounting of pillow block bearing. Plummer Blocks are available in bore sizes ranging from 1/2 in. To 10 in.

Plummer Blocks using a very wide range, almost all mechanical equipment will be used. Size range is also great. The main benefit of split plummer blocks is easy to install; which can be installed pre-assembled shaft. After connecting to the housing base support seat, simply bearing cover into place and tighten the bolts to complete the installation. Is now marketing the market split bearing is mainly applied to ISO dimension series 02, 03, 22, 23 and 32 are self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, and CARB toroidal roller bearings. They usually can be loaded in many different seals. Split bearing structure and a variety of design variations, without having to use custom bearing, thus the bearing arrangement can be cost-effective.

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plummer blocks figure details 2

plummer blocks figure details (1)

plummer blocks figure details 1

Plummer Blocks Figure Details (2)


Machining 1 1
1 Machining
Machining 2 1
2 Machining
Boring machine machining 1
3 Boring machine machining
Test 1
4 Test
Finished products 1 1
5 Finished products
6 Packing


plummer blocks application 1
plummer blocks application 1
plummer blocks application 2 1
plummer blocks application 2
plummer blocks application 4 1
plummer blocks application 3
plummer blocks application 5 1
plummer blocks application 4
plummer blocks application 6 1
plummer blocks application 5
plummerblocksapplication 3
plummer blocks application 6

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