Grinding Roller

Grinding roller of vertical mill

Weight :20-120 t

Material: ASTM: 1030 / DIN: 30Mn4

Application:Vertical mill,Slag vertical mill,

Cement vertical mill etc

Customizable: Yes

MOQ:1 Piece/Pieces castings

Place of origin: Henan, China(Mainland)

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Grinding roller is core part of vertical mill. SYMMEN METAL Casting can provide customized service according to customers' different processing requirements. Besides, it provides finished product manufacturing service for grinding roller including casting, finished machining, surfacing welding, etc. We gained good reputation from customers.

Technical parameters:

Material: GS 16Mn5 DIN 17182, Carbon steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Heat Resistant Steel, Stainless Steel, High Manganese Steel, Copper alloy, Aluminum alloy, Hastelloy Alloy


Surface treatment: Shot blasting, Polishing, Galvanizing, Chrome plating, Nickel plating, Passivation, Powder coating, Painting.

Technology: Arc furnace smelting; furan resin sand process, CNC machining center, etc. Slag pots are available with capacities of 30 - 1050 cubic feet. Finished weights range from 5 - 75 tons. Our slag pots are utilized in many applications including BOFs, AODs, Electric Arc and Blast Furnaces, and nonferrous refineries for the melting of magnesium and copper nickel smelting.Pots can be filled to capacity with up to 1649º C slag

How does grinding roller work?

The special working and functional principles make every roller mill operate with a great flexibility. The material to be ground is crushed between the rotating grinding track and the individually guided grinding rollers.

Grinding is carried out primarily through the application of compressive force vertically, the secondary effect being the horizontal shear force.

Production Process


Why choose us?

  • During grinding roller production, technicians carry out finishing processing with arc air gouging, which can guarantee outlook quality of steel castings.
  • Grinding rollers produced by SYMMEN METAL Casting have features of high hardness, good anti-cracking and strong wear-resistant capability.
  • We promise that, all the grinding rollers shall be NDT inspected on the stress surface through routing testing methods to ensure that each grinding roller is qualified before leaving our factory. Any sub-standard product is forbidden to leave factory.

We can supply products with flow test report:

  • Chemical composition report
  • Tensile strength report
  • Brinell hardness report
  • Metallographic structure report
  • Key dimension checking report
  • Full dimension report
  • Third part test report

Tensile strength Test report (For example):

Item Unit USA Europe
Tensile strength psi >60000 >65000
MPa >414 >448
psi >30000 >35000
Yield strength MPa >207 >241
Elongation % >24,0 >35,0
Reduction of area % >35,0 >40,0

Application of Grinding roller

Application of Grinding roller 700 1

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