Girth gear for ball mill exported to South Africa

16 /Aug
  • Technical Parameter:
  • Usage: industry
  • Model: Φ2.2m
  • Material: cast steel
  • Modulus: 16
  • Number of teeth: 154
  • Tooth height: 50mm
  • Tooth width: 250mm
  • Weight: 3500kg
  • Tooth surface hardness: hard surface
  • Tooth line shape: spur gears
  • QTY: 1set
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Detailed Information:

Today we delivery one set girth gear for ball mill to South Africa.Before making order, our client have come to visit the factory, and only give us 2 months to finish the production of girth gear. It is true that time is limited, but we try our best to satisfy client's requirement, and deliver goods timely. The quality of the products is absolutely guaranteed. Safe is always the most important, and we customized the ∅2.2m girth gear for client. If there is any special requirement, please let us know, then, we can return you a reasonable solution. Here, all problems are no problem!


Making mold as per the drawings

5.Package of girth gear

Finishing machining


Debugging before delivery


Package of Girth Gear

5.Package of girth gear
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